Summersville Memorial United Methodist Church
Friday, November 16, 2018
To make Disciples of Jesus Christ

...What's New at Memorial


Victor Umbliya was recognized on June 17th for his successful completion of the requirements for US citizenship. Congratulations to him. Shown with Victor is his wife Donna.

Congratulations to Brianna Butler for high school graduation

  • Some extended family celebrations:

Jesse Proctor graduated with a Masters.

Daniel Proctor graduated and got married in August.

Mary and Bill Harlow's granddaughter, Cassidy Nichols, graduated from Marshall with a degree in Communication Disorders and married to Zach Carr on July 23rd.

Also, their granddaughter Kaylee Nichols was graduated from Cross Lanes Christian School (high school). 

Gerry and Jim Cox's granddaughter, Hannah, is graduating high school and is attending WVU in the fall.

Barbara Dotson also has a granddaughter graduating from high school.

Marla and Rod Wightman's granddaughter, Brianna, and daughter-in-law Amy are celebrating graduations.

Rev. Dave and Linda's granddaughter, Brooke, graduated from Marshall and will be continuing studies to become a PA in Winchester, VA.

Best wishes and congratulations to these young people. May God bless and watch over them.


Celebration of Larry Lewis's 70th Birthday

 r them.

Gerri Corbin's 105th birthday celebration with Ilene, Rev. Dave, and Linda {top}

March 18th, 2018


 Mozelle, Barbara, and Marla

        Happy Birthday, Geraldine!
(with Charlene)


Anne Campbell was selected a WV History Hero by the Nicholas County Historical and Genealogical Society. She was honored at a presentation at the cultural center in Charleston.

Brian Bell was named Summersville Fire Department Officer of the year -2017. 

 Wishing these three an exciting, successful first year in college. Good thoughts for all our returning students.





Fun and games in February 2017






 The wedding of Stella and Paul  1/7/17   May God bless their marriage.


Church Staff receiving token of appreciation from the church presented by SPRC Chairman WD Smith (not pictured).2016


Summersville Cooperative Parish Charge Conference with District Superintendent Reverend Melissa Shortridge



Meditation & Prayer Chapel

     Looking for a quiet place, a place to get away for awhile?  The prayer chapel is now sharing sacred space with the library on the main floor of the church.  This quiet place has been set aside for time of
meditation and prayer for your spiritual needs.  Bibles, devotional materials and other reading resources are available for your use.  Please feel free to take some time apart during the week or before worship on Sunday mornings to be in prayer or to meditate upon the issues of life, love and spiritual living.

Here is list of books that have been donated to the church library:
“Moving Into Light” by: Luci Shaw
“Jewish Life, Jewish Humor” (A Guide to Jesus and Jewish Life) by: Sidney
“Happiness” (How to Find it and Keep it) by: Joan Duncan Oliver
“Hymns of Faith & Inspiration” by: Pamela J. Kennedy
“Geography of Religion” by: Hitchcock & Esposito
The Complete “Left Behind” Series by: LaHaye & Jenkins