Summersville Memorial United Methodist Church
Sunday, July 25, 2021
To make Disciples of Jesus Christ

~Memorial Men

 Thanks for hosting  Fat Tuesday Pancake Feast - UMM!



 Digging the potatoes for the Potato Festival 2019

UMM are currently hosting a social time after church the 3rd Sunday of the month. Please stop in the fellowship hall for a few minutes. Discontinued at this time.

                                                 Guide- WD Smith
                                 Meets the 4th Thursday at 6pm, 
             Upper Level large meeting room. Meetings discontinued at this time.

September 24, 2016 UMM, with assistance from UMW, had a great day making the apple butter at Bill and Mary's. Great food and fellowship. Thanks to Bill and UMM.




Some of the gentlemen who provided the delicious dinner for the women of the church 

Cooking for Shrove Tuesday Breakfast, 2015